Like many of my neighbors, I have been frustrated in my efforts to find a home within the traditional two parties that have dominated our political landscape for the past 150 years. I found that this search presented me with the option of signing on to a party line that did not resonate with my beliefs or striking off on a different path.  I selected that alternate path, and believe that a majority of Coloradans join me in that desire. As a third party candidate, I am not beholden to an un-elected party leadership. My ability to be your voice is not constrained by party politics. I have no barriers that prevent me from working with other members of the Legislature, regardless of party affiliation, to deliver common sense solutions on behalf of my constituents.


The existence of the State Income Tax represents a constriction on the economic growth of our State. The tax serves as a disincentive to wage earners and presents an involuntary and forcible confiscation of the wealth of our citizens. Several states, such as Texas, Florida and New Hampshire, have migrated away from this archaic methodology of funding state activity eliminating the income tax and collecting funds through sales taxes. Such consumption based taxes empower the citizens to make voluntary and knowing decisions to provide the required State revenues. Additionally, Colorado is blessed to have a thriving travel economy bringing temporary consumers to the State whose activity will further ensure adequate funding is in place. I will work with like-minded tax reformers of the other two parties to introduce legislation to eliminate the income tax and set Colorado on a growth oriented and more voluntary taxation system.


The war on drugs has been an abject failure at the federal, state and local level. The consequence of this failure has been to swell prison populations with non-violent offenders, and the overburdening of the police force with need to enforce morality laws. Individuals are free to make their own decisions with regards to their bodies, and the co-opting of that right was, and continues to be, government over-reach. If elected, I will look to build a coalition to introduce legislation to decriminalize all drugs in and de-fund all drug enforcement activity. Further, I will propose legislation to nullify the sentences of those currently imprisoned for such offenses. 


According to the Department of Regulatory Agencies (DORA), at least 138 occupations require government approval to work in the State of Colorado. The vast majority of the regulated occupations provide little benefit to the consumer and serve only to introduce cost to businesses which inevitably increases cost to the consumer. I will look to dramatically reduce the scope of DORA, thus reducing the bureaucratic burden to which we subject small and struggling businesses, and relying on consumers to do what they already do - make their own informed decisions about service providers.


The ongoing COVID-19 pandemic has illuminated the need to constrain the power of State government and transfer authority to local authorities to the greatest extent possible. The broad-brush decision making that characterizes State-level actions is often ineffective and ill-fitting to the actual circumstances on the ground in individual communities. It should be the role of the State to guide and inform, while allowing local officials to implement policies and practices that suit their communities. As your Representative, I will seek to significantly reduce the power of State government in favor of decision-making at the county and city level. I trust the electorate to make informed choices for their local representatives.  


I strongly support the right for families to have available a full suite of educational choices for their children - local, charter, home school and other innovative solutions. No one is in a better position to determine the appropriate educational situation than the family.